Why the Android emulator work so slow?

Why the Android emulator work so slow?
December 4, 2018 No Comments Android Development,Development,Research And News Pushpendra Kumar

My Story of Android Virtual Device

I was trying to build an android application with the help of a tutorial before a few years ago. Then I did not know that, how to build the android application and where to build the android application. After a long research on the internet, I found that I can see my output on the Emulator. Emulator term was very new for me at that time, because I was hearing that first time. I was very curious to know, what is emulator? Then again I did search and found that emulator is a virtual Android phone which may be run on window or apple device. Again I got sprit and I completely give my time to build my application. At that time I was using window system with core i3 processor and 2GB RAM. For watching the output I did create a emulator with the help of one website post. I created emulator successfully. Now this time was for seeing the output and I was curious. I click on the run button from my development kit(Eclipse|Android Studio) and select my emulator from the popup window. Now my system got stuck. it’s seems that my system got to hang situation. I was waiting for my output from last 5 minute, But I was seeing only a single black screen. I thought It will happen for the first time. But it was not the first time. Every time it was taking a long time for showing output, which was making me frustrated about my app development.

I thought to search more about emulator and get relief from this issue. Then finally I have found something which I am going to tell you!.

You must have minimum 2 GB RAM.
While building android application don't run any other software, like visual studio, command prompt, Skype or any heavy software.
Configure your simulator with advance setting option as shown in below image.

This is image one, Main setting you will find into the another image which is below!

You need to maintain these setting as per your simulator requirement.

Emulator also may be called as Simulator. In the overall story I would like to tell you while you are working on android then do not work on any other software apart from android studio. Because Android Studio is already very heavy and it’s simulator also very heavy. So try to keep relive your system.

You can now enable Quick Boot option for Android Emulator. That will save emulator state, and it will start emulator quickly on next boot.

The Android Emulator is based on QEMU (the Quick EMUlator) which emulates an ARM processor on your computer which has a x86 processor. I surely donโ€™t need to explain why emulate a processor by a software isnโ€™t a very good idea if you want something reactive and usable. Furthermore, other hardware features are also emulated by the software. All those things combined plus the fact that smartphones have some very powerful chipsets lead to a very slow emulator.

If You want more information about emulator and it’s working then please refer this link – “CLICK HERE”

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