Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

WepsTech Training Pricing offers a variety of online training courses designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone. We provide a range of pricing options to fit your budget, including one-time payments and monthly subscriptions.

Course Categories and Pricing Structure

We understand that learning needs vary. Here’s a breakdown of our course categories and general pricing structures:

  • Programming: Master in-demand coding skills with our comprehensive programming courses. Prices typically range from ₹99 for introductory courses to ₹9999 for advanced topics.
  • Personality Development: Upgrade your personal and professional skills with our personality development courses. These courses generally fall within the ₹99 to ₹9999 range.
  • Other Courses: We’re constantly expanding our course library! Explore additional subjects like seminar, online meet-up with pricing typically aligned with programming or personality development courses.

Finding Detailed Course Pricing

Specific course prices may vary depending on the course content, duration, and any ongoing promotions. To find the exact price for a course you’re interested in, please visit our website ( or YouTube channel description. Each course listing clearly displays the pricing information.

Flexible Learning Options

WepsTech caters to diverse learning styles and schedules. Choose from one-time payment options for lifetime access to the course material, or explore our subscription plans for ongoing learning opportunities.

Investing in Your Future

A course is an investment in your future. Our high-quality training can equip you with valuable skills and knowledge to advance your career or personal goals. Consider the long-term benefits when making your pricing decision.

Remember, you can always contact us through our website ( or social media channels if you have any questions about our pricing options!