UITableView Animation | Professional iOS Developer

UITableView Animation | Professional iOS Developer
May 3, 2022 No Comments Development Pushpendra Kumar

Hey, Guys, I hope you are looking for the advanced level for UITableView Animation. If Yes, Then you are in the right place. In this tutorial, I have given a complete and very easy demonstration of the scalable and dynamic table view with animation. And yes of course professionals follow the same to manage their files and UITableview Performance. And while you are going through this process check carefully every point. And check the demonstration till the end. I hope you will get the answer to your question. This is a very easy and simple approach to working with UITableView. If you are looking and want to be a good iOS developer, Then this video could be good for you.

UITableView Animation

Animation is a great and cool approach for making your UI more intractable and beautiful. Hence, there are various ways to do that. But the best developer always looks forward for the best approach only.

Video for the Implementation

Important Code for the Implementation

The Below code will help you to manage the UITableViewCell in an different sections.

enum MyControllerCellType : Int, CaseIterable {
    case caution = 0, categories = 1, detail = 2, action = 3

Following codes belongs from the TableView Setup



In addition, If you are more curious about the development and knowing about tutorials then follow the below links 

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