Effect of virus on technology

Effect of virus on technology
March 26, 2020 2 Comments Research And News Pushpendra Kumar

Effect of virus on technology is rapidly increasing day by day. Apple is saying that, iPhone sales have come to a complete halt in all countries. The corona virus badly affecting to the market. And it’s not about only the technology. It’s About the all type of market.

Everyone is still in the same thinking how to give a new look to their companies so that companies will face this problem firmly. But the is a good news for IT technology. Government approved that companies can use their employe from the home. So mostly all the company is following the same structure. So let’s have look for Effect of virus on technology.

Effect of corona virus on GDP and technology

As all people is know that, China is country to many major manufacturers of smartphones and other consumer electronics. So, the manufacture of the product from the china completely stopped. And due to this Back in 2003, the Chinese economy accounted for only 4% of the world’s GDP. In 2020, however, China makes up about 16%. Since 2003, China has made the world heavily dependent on its manufacturing capabilities in everything from microelectronic chips to spices, diamonds to seafood, automobile parts and a lot more commodities that most aren’t aware of. However, since the official announcement of the coronavirus outbreak by WHO in January 2020, exports from China have reduced significantly. And the same effect come from different different countries. So now a days GDP is rapidly going down to earth.

And as you I am writing this article on 26th March 2020. In this date, According to the WHO Report confirmed case has been reached to 416,686, Confirmed death has been reached to 18,589 and this Coronavirus spreading in 197 Countries. So, Because of this result everyone has stopped for doing the work. Every one want to be safe. And as per the advise by WHO. Everyone must be safe in the house. So whole world has been lockdown.

Below are few images which show the downfall in every stage.

Effect on Gold of Virus
Value of Gold because of Virus
Effect of virus in china
Effect of virus in china
Effect of virus in production
Coronavirus in production
Effect of virus on oil
Effect of virus on oil
Impact on Stock market of virus
Impact on Stock market of virus

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