Pagination in UICollectionView with Swift 5

Pagination in UICollectionView with Swift 5
March 9, 2021 No Comments Development Pushpendra Kumar

Hey, Guys welcome to this tutorial. Here, I will make you understand the quick trick for how you can implement pagination in UICollectionView with Swift 5. And this is a simple way to achieve our goals. Through this simple tutorial. you can learn more interesting things about Pagination in UICollectionView with Swift 5. 

Pagination in swift

Infinite scroll is one of the basic requirements of the modern apps. It is a design pattern where content is continually load into the interface as the user scrolls downwards. Also called endless scroll, the point is that the user never reaches the end of the page. Instead they are present with a perpetual content stream without having to click or spend cognitive load on paginated navigation.

So, At the very first you have to understand the output of your server. Here, I would like to let you know that the output of the API. For reference please check the below output. Video Tutorial –

Pagination in UICollectionView Controller

Take a quick look into json.

Cool, Now In Addition, let’s look on the swift code. 


It’s completed 😊😊😊😊😊

In Conclusion, You have done with this tutorial. And I hope now the concept of Pagination in UICollectionView with Swift 5 is clear. Firstly, If you have any doubts regarding the Pagination in UICollectionView with Swift 5. Then you can comment into the comment box. And If you like this tutorial with a complete description of the simple and attractive tutorial in iOS then please like my video on YouTube and do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Because you will get lots of videos related to iOS development with very sort tricks.

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