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How to use gradient in CardView android?
Image December 5, 2018 Android Development Pushpendra Kumar

I am sure you are looking for a view with elevation. First of all, I would like to clear your doubt. You can not use any costume background or any costume drawable to cardview directly. If you will use then you will lose the CardView effect. So now there is a question in front of

Why the Android emulator work so slow?
Image December 4, 2018 Android Development,Development,Research And News Pushpendra Kumar

My Story of Android Virtual Device 😊😊😊😊😊☺️🇮🇳😊😊 I was trying to build an android application with the help of a tutorial before a few years ago. Then I did not know that, how to build the android application and where to build the android application. After a long research on the internet, I found that

Build Roll a ball for android or iOS in Unity
Image December 3, 2018 Android Development,Game Development,iOS Development Pushpendra Kumar

Have you done with the standalone programming? Yes! If you are looking for this issue then I make sure then you have done with the official unity tutorial. In the official tutorial they have described everything but at the end, they have missed how you can run your game on the android device. For the

Bundle Identifier has not been set up correctly
Image December 2, 2018 Development,Game Development Pushpendra Kumar

It may possible that every Unity beginner will face this bug while trying to create first build for the Android platform. Here we have a couple of questions in our mind why from where this message is occurring. So without wasting time let’s come to the point. I hope if you are on this step

How to become a professional developer
Image December 1, 2018 Research And News Pushpendra Kumar

Oh nice choice! It may be a little long but I am sure it will help you! If you are looking for how to become a professional developer in any platform, then you are on the correct post. The term professional developer may be used in reference to a wide variety of development. It may

How to improve traffic on website
Image November 30, 2018 Research And News Pushpendra Kumar

This is a very basic question for everyone and the question is how to get traffic on my website. Reach a More Relevant Audience Across the Web’s Top Sites. Fast & Easy Setup. Reach Target Audiences. Increase Engagement. Boost Revenue. Appear on Top Sites. Generate More Leads. Grow Customer Base. Retarget Consumers. Drive Online Purchases.

How to open maps with latitude and longitude in iOS
Image November 29, 2018 iOS Development Pushpendra Kumar

If you are here in this post then defiantly you must be looking for the easiest way for opening the Map in iOS. I am going to tell you some simple solution with the complete methodology. Here you will get the very simple code for opening the map programmatically. At the very first i am

Why The iPhone 5c has failed
Image November 29, 2018 Research And News Pushpendra Kumar

If you are looking for why apple failed for iPhone 5c sale and productivity, then you are on the right post. here you can get to know the basics for why apple fails in iPhone 5c. If you think back to 2012 and the iPhone 5 days, Apple was in solid but delicate shape. CEO

What are the requirements for unity 3D
Image November 28, 2018 Game Development Pushpendra Kumar

Ah, Unity 3d. Nice choice! Making a game in Unity is a challenging, but a rewarding experience, and it can be done at the minimal cost of free, but you would need to fulfill some basic prerequisites first. let’s first talk about the system. What kind of system required for Unity3D game development. To make

How to remove character from string in swift
Image November 28, 2018 Development,iOS Development Pushpendra Kumar

If you are looking for the modification of string into the different format, then you are on the correct post. Because here I am going to tell you the concept that how can modify your entire string into the swift language. This protocol will help you bring you out from the different situation. Let’s suppose