Download And Install App Programmatically

Download And Install App Programmatically
February 20, 2020 1 Comment Android Development,Development Pushpendra Kumar

Hey guys welcome to the most interesting tutorial, which is as “Programmatically install and download apk from a custom Android application”. Here I am going to give you answer of your question How to download and install app programmatically in android. In addition, For doing that we will create a sample app. If you are new to android then go through with the video tutorial link attached

Download and install app programmatically

Here, I am letting you know few basic steps for doing this in very pure manner. Let’s say you have already created your android application with java. And now you are looking few decent steps. Which make your work very easy for downloading the android application and install it in phones programmatically. In other words, You are looking very simple steps for doing this task with latest android version with API level 29. So let’s begin now.

Add few lines of code inside your android manifest file. Which is named as AndroidManifest.xml

Above code is related with permissions!

After that, We will look into the deep of android manifest file. And add the following code.

This is code for provide. In Actually this is useful for file reading from the storage. This code you need to write under the application tag. 

Now you have to add the provider_paths.xml in you res->xml folder. And the cod of this file is give below.

This file is useful for finding the path of the file with the help of class. And the navigation of above code is given below.

How to install android APK programmatically

Wonderful, After that create a class inside your package directory. And make sure this file should be inside that folder, where your file does exist. And the code of this file will be like that.

In addition, This file would be empty. This file automatically initiated from Androidmanifest.xml file. And it’s initiates the functionality of FileProvider, It self.  

Java code for downloading, Installing and Permissions for API Level 29

After that, Create the main activity as mention below.

Wonderful! In addition, I want to tell you that. This code contains the code of Run time permission for API Level 29. And also, We can say that,  It’s contains code for run time permission in android for API level more than 21. And this code also contains the procedure for storing and reading the file from the phone directory. After that, I will tell about the activity_main.xml file. So have look at the below code!

Wonderful! All Developers. In Conclusion I would like to give you the best wishes. Finally you have achieved your goal with the help of this tutorial. If you want any tutorial on different topic or you want to enhance the above tutorial, Then you can comment into the comment box. 

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Wish you a HAPPY CODING 😎😎😎☺️

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