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Category: Development

How to make an image black & White in Unity
June 5, 2019 Development Pushpendra Kumar

Thanks for visiting on this site, Here I am letting you know that how you can convert your normal image into the black & white image in unity with the help go c# coding. This is also called Grayscale in unity. Grayscale is the functionality which allow user to convert image colour into different colours.

Changes for API 28
Image January 21, 2019 Android Development,Development,Research And News Pushpendra Kumar

What are the changes made by Android in API 28+ That is the big question in front of every developer to know about the changes, which are made in API 28+ (Android 9). So here I will introduce you with a description of a few important technical things, which you have to keep in mind

How to use Typeface for AlertDialog in Kotlin
Image January 13, 2019 Android Development,Development Pushpendra Kumar

typeface in kotlin That awesome that you would like to make your android application more beautiful with the help of custom typeface in your android application. Here you can also get the typeface for the alert dialog box.  So very first get the fonts file which you want to use into your android application. For

instanceof in kotlin
Image December 28, 2018 Development Pushpendra Kumar

Great you are on the right post! Previously I was working on the Java language for developing an android application. I thought to move with new technology in android development. Then I move completely with Kotlin Language for android application development. But somewhere I have found that some keys and syntax has been changed. One

How to use custom adapter for RecyclerView in Android
Image December 24, 2018 Android Development,Development Pushpendra Kumar

Custom adapter for RecyclerView in Android with Kotlin Android RecyclerView is an important component widely used in Android apps. It is important to know how to use it and how to customize its behavior. And for your kind information, I would like to tell you that, ListView is going to Replaced By Recycler View. Because

What’s the thing to know about iOS 12.1.1 update
Image December 21, 2018 Development Pushpendra Kumar

iOS 12.1.1 Glad to see you here, That great thought in your mind for knowing more things about the technology. If you are wondering what’s new in iOS 12, not sure about installing it yet because you are worried about what iOS 12 might do to your iPhone or iPad, or just want to know

SELECT * or SELECT column1, colum2, column3, etc
Image December 20, 2018 Development Pushpendra Kumar

Which is faster/best? in PHP I’ve heard that SELECT * is generally bad practice to use when writing SQL commands because it is more efficient to SELECT columns you specifically need. If I need to SELECT every column in a table, should I use SELECT * FROM TABLE or SELECT column1, colum2, column3, etc. FROM

How to work with LayoutInflater in Kotlin
Image December 19, 2018 Development Pushpendra Kumar

Typically, you don’t ever need to directly use a LayoutInflater. Android does most of the layout inflation for you when you call setContentView() in the onCreate() method of your activity. So you, as the programmer, are responsible for making sure the views are inflated. Now you want to inflate views in the context of a

How to Work with volley in Kotlin
Image December 18, 2018 Development Pushpendra Kumar

Great Choice..!! Here you will learn how to work with Google Volley Library for fetching the data from the server into Android application development. Google officially announced Kotlin Support at Google I/O 2017. If you haven’t heard it yet, Kotlin is the brand new language for Android Application Development. It is developed by IntelliJ IDEA

Create Space shooter game
Image December 17, 2018 Development,Game Development Pushpendra Kumar

Let’s start with something creative and new! In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of Unity 3D game development kit. I am going to create the new project with space shooter. So you people just follow the steps of this tutorial, I make sure you will become professional after doing this work…!! Open Unity